Thursday, August 12, 2010


Good Evening! The spoilers are out, but no word when identiTEES will be out... Hmm. ANYWAYS! In my club, DingDongEater, I threw a raffle for this weeks Medoll of the Week! After over 100 entries, the winner is...

Congrats! After she found out she won, I had an interview with her, via mail. The interview is posted below. If you decide to join my club, there will be *manager* up for grabs, so hurry now! :D

italicized text is me, color text is pandalover10.

First Question:

How do you feel about being a stardoll member? Are you mad? Are you feeling okay? Tell us.

I love being a Stardoll member. And a superstar. But some of things seem unfair. Prices are going up & I think Stardoll members should be able to do more things. I like I was thinking we could have a sort of status update that will go to our page. But yes I love being a Stardoll member, its a lot of fun!

Next Question:

If stardoll would to have no more SS, do you think there would be a mutiny of some sort? Would you be okay with that?

Yes I would be okay with that because then everybody can buy anything. But the prices would go up big time! And yes I think there will be a sort of mutiny because people would get mad. People who are always Superstar and think they should be more important than others & that they should have more things.

Next Question:

you think that it's wrong for SS to think that they're 'more important than others?' And do you think SS is the cause for so many scams/hacks?? I've been scammed and hacked quite a few times when I was superstar; It was not too amusing.

Yes I think its wrong for SS to think that. I don't think that. And just because they can afford doesn't make them more special, I won a comp held by Sallys_song that's how I am SS. I didn't pay for it myself. And yes being SS is a more easier way in getting hacked/scammed. Because non-SS or even SS and trick you into giving them your password.

Next Question:

How do you feel about all of the new tribute stores that have been opening in the Star plaza?

I really like them, but I think Stardoll should keep some of the real brand stores. Like DKNY, ELLE, & Philosophy. But I also love the tribute stores, because when the store is gone the items are going to be very hard to find in the Starbazzar. And they will also be a very high price.

Next Question:

If you won..let's say.. The Stardoll Lottery, and won 10 thousand stardollers... What would you do?

First I would thank Stardoll a lot!!!!!! Then I think I might buy some items from the shop, like the clothes I have been dying to have!! Then I would send some gifts to my friends and maybe fix up the house a little.

Next and Final Question:

How does it feel to be the's Medoll of the Week?

It feels like I did something good. That I got something that I wanted. And by the way thank you! Everyone wants to be cover-girl but I would want to be something smaller then that. Its the little things that are most fun!

Well, it was a great interview. Pandalover10 really deserved it.

That's all for now, Stardollians.



  1. Thanks so much!!!! By the way its Pandalover10! Check out my blog please!

  2. @MollyRose: No duh. That's what I put. READ IT.