Sunday, September 5, 2010

New Way to Nominate (SA)

So, do you all remember Sparkling Apple? 

Well, Sparkling Apple's is a magazine featuring poeple that you think deserve to be known for doing something nice/good. For example, you nominate your friend for helping you out when you couldn't firgure out Stardoll, so if she/he gets picked. Their medoll will be put in the magazine with the paragraph you wrote about him/her. Imagine it like the Stardoll Awards you get but they can be anyone for anything and there isn't a 'winner' 

Well, there is a new, easier way to nominate. 

The magazine doesn't have a set date to be released, but the whole SA team is working very hard. 
Before it's realeased we should be able to get an interview with the owner, TheShinyStar. So watch out for that. 


  1. I really love this idea! This will make a great mag, I'll definitely read it when its published!

  2. Agreed. :D Awesome. I'll go see.

  3. Thanks for boosting the profile Cam. I have had a look at the stats for the blog lately and a lot of people that are visiting are coming via this blog.

    I'm very glad that people above like the idea. Thank you Anonymous!

    Zoë x

  4. ;D Anytime Zoe(:
    I really think this was a good idea.

    I plagiarized a little, from the About SA section on your blog. But, I couldn't explain it well, like you. haha(: Hope you didn't mind.

  5. Of course not Cam. I don't mind at all. I'd rather that is was explained properly and not interpreted by someone who doesn't get the magazine!

    I'm glad you love the idea, great to have you on board.

    Zoë x

  6. Okay(: Good.

    And I'm happy to be on the board.