Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I'm sorry.

If I could stay, I  would.

I'm leaving due to personal reasons.
I'm hoping that Maddy and Cam will find a beautiful replacement.

I'm literally crying. I DON'T WANNA LEAVE! D:

I'm really depressed right now, and if you've been following my own blog, I'm going thru a very hard time in my life.
Oh, but what I post isn't even the half of it. So yeah.

Sorry. D:
This will be my final post...

Here's a little melody for my apology.


  1. AWWWWWW :(
    I'm going to miss you Elle! :,(

    Hopefully everything works out for you, and you get through all of your tough times! I'll be praying for you(:

  2. Awww :( Ellie!
    We'll all miss you, I'm glad we had you here, and I hope everything turns out for the best.

    If you ever feel like stopping by now-and-again, I won't take you off the writers list.
    We'll miss you :(

  3. Awh! Thanks, Cam! :D