Monday, September 6, 2010

Hotbuys Umbrella

The Hotbuys Transparent Umbrella is now in Starplaza for $5!
Speaking of umbrellas, I probably need to find one, since we are about to get a lot of rain from the tropical storm/possible hurricane hitting the Texas coast tomorrow :P
Plus, it's hurricane season in the U.S/Caribbean, so maybe go to Walmart & buy a clear umbrella! Then you'll have a Hotbuy :D

What do you think of this unique Hotbuy? Is it a waste of $5 or worth every penny?

Let us know! :D


  1. I KNOW! On Thurs. we had a horrible storm! Dx

    They do have some @ Walmart! :D I think they're like 13, which is not bad AT ALL. I might buy one. :]

    If I was SS, I'd buy it fo sho!


  2. Lol, so did we :P
    We had to march in the heavy rain, then the thunderstorms came, and I think the lights went out for a sec :P

    And I figured so :)

  3. xD THAT'S AMAZING. Lol.
    Thats really not, lol. it's just a funny story to tell.

    :D Lol.

  4. Yeah lol, it was really funny(:
    The fact I almost fell going backwards-not so much! :o