Thursday, September 2, 2010

Makeup Tutorial (Upon Request)

Here's a makeup tutorial. People all of a sudden asked me how I did my makeup, so here's 
how you pull it off. :D

STEP 1: Get Volumizing Mascara. Apply.
STEP 2: Get Lengthening Mascara. Apply.
STEP 3: Get white eye shadow. 5 layers of it
on the inner eye. don't go farther then the middle of eye.
STEP 4: Get purple eyeshadow and do 9 layers of it on the parts
that don't have any eyeshadow. I put more on the outer ends of eye.
STEP 5: Add eyeliner and eye pencil.

YAY! You're Done!

That was too easy.
Now remember, use a little originality. If you want my look, sure. Just don't copy everything about it. :D

Well, that's all for now.


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