Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Um. Stardoll. Your officially even more retarded than i thought you were.

- 52 flicks changed their name to Flicks , click the new band name for the new Facebook page, and click the old name for a direct link to watch 'morning Glory' the official video clip and Sexy adams 6 pack ;))

Random fact of the day? Retarded and Demented are actual words in the dictionary, no its not a random in-bred word like 'Sped' or that other stuff :P

Uh, cutting to the point.

What do you think of the new avastar section? The old scenery icon has now been replaced with a some-what tacky camera. And im bombarded with coins? Like i couldn't read the number of how many i had left anyway... seriously, making it simpler stardoll say. Jeez? What happened to the educational side of stardoll?

Anyway, Comment if you digg or diss the new layout up in that doobely-doo bar..?

A reminder for cam that i need the entrants for the clover awards?


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