Sunday, March 14, 2010

Tim Burton

*This Post is a little late. I was going to make it when Alice In Wonderland came out. I totally forgot about it until I saw it sitting in the draft box on my e-mail. 

I love Tim Burton. 
He creates a magical (sometimes weird) dark world that only he could have thought of. 
You can look at almost any still frame from any of his movies and know it's him. 
Of coarse, when I draw, or think of things in my head, I always picture a world kind of like his. 
I do wish I knew him. 
But, since I don't, I only have his movies, and I am going to show you some of my favorites, along with his newest, Alice in Wonderland. 

So there you have it :)
But those are just some of his movies.
I just didn't want to save more pictures to my computer.
There's a new Alice in Wonderland movie out.
I haven't seen it yet, but I will soon.
It has Johnny Depp and Henlena Bonham Carter (Burton's Wife)

That's Tim. In an eccentric way, doesn't he look like he belongs in one of his worlds?
I think so :)

So Who's Your Favorite Director?
Which of Tim Burton's Movies is your Favorite?
Have you seen Alice in Wonderland?

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