Saturday, March 13, 2010

52Flicks, Shortstack Concert, Stardoll Club :)

Hey guys! Ah mah gawsh! Shortstack were great. BUT. The support act were WAY better. They're called 52Flicks, Click the name to check out their song 4am. They're a clash between Blink182 and Shortstack. I love them!

They're not very popular, but incase they do dramatically break out into the biz, i made a club called '52flicks' luckily it hadn't been taken! Woo!

Uh, that is me on the right with my best friend waiting to get in to the concert. Was a pretty hyper time.. haha.
And imade a doll that is suppoed to look like me in that picture?? Haha, hope you like it :)

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