Friday, March 12, 2010

Magazines :)

                         Some Magazine Spoilers for you. 

My least favorite of the three spoilers, but still, it looks amazing. Very Pink, Very edgy, and I can't wait to read it. 
My second favorite of the three spoilers. Yes, I LOVE this one. It's oceanic, it's blue, it's romantic, it left me speechless. 
I cannot wait to read this magazine. 
Notice the eyelashes?
True Talent. 

Oh Me! Oh My! My favorite spoiler yet. It's so different from the other two. It may not be as intricate as Fierce, or as showy as Wild, but it's got flowers, and vines, and it's so natural. It doesn't look so 'Professional' or like any of the real materialistic magazines. It looks pure, and you know I cannot wait to read it. 

So that's what I think. 
But you guys may have your own opinion. Tell me in the comments what you think of the spoilers. 

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