Sunday, July 11, 2010

Old Art(:

(No Banner Again. Sorry Folks.) 

So I found these images on my old computer, and it reminded me of the old days. I made them back in 07-08, so I was about 11 or 12. 
I made these for dogs on and I sold my Manips for I don't know how much, but pretty cheap. People liked them, but they weren't collectors art. lol

These are all I made, with an exception of 3 more, on my other computer. But I made those recently, and I'm not very good anymore. 
Crystal Beach Kennel: Not my best work, but not my worst. A sample of my manips used for advertising.

Back to Mexico: Probably one of my worst. The Chihuahua was too big for the temple, and sizing is everything. I spelled Chihuahua wrong too. 
Corgie Haven: I bred Corgie's back in the day. Made this for my kennel. 
Mason: Someone ordered this. I probably charged $10-100k. Not very expensive, eh?
Chaos Kennels: My favorite. Someone ordered this, it probably took me two hours, and I really love it. Probably around $100-150k. 
Freedom: Another Sample(: I like this one. 
Lab Sample: a sample of a simple manip. 
Strays: One of my last manips before I quit. 
Scottie: Another Sample. 
Waverider: I made this one yesterday for my dog Waverider. Not as good as I was in the old days, but I didn't completely forget how to make Manips. 

See? Stardoll isn't my only obsession(; 

Well, I'm mighty proud of my manips, even if their not the best. 
If you decide to join FP add me(: I'll make you a manip for your Kennel/Dog for free. 


  1. What exactly is a manip? Never heard of them before. They are so cute :) If I knew what they were for I might order one lol.

  2. lol(:
    You have dogs on FP & you use it as a picture for the dog, or as your kennel header.

    Manip = Photo Manipulation.