Thursday, July 29, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Throughout the next two weeks, I won't be getting on Stardoll or the internet much. 
Life has been a little ruff lately, and I have some prior arrangements and end of summer preporations to do. 

My Great Uncle had a massive heart attack last Friday, and died. He was only 51 years old, and he was in the middle of a legal battle to get part-time custody of his son. So, naturally it wasn't his time to go. Tomorrow at 2pm is his funeral. 
RIP John.
You will be missed dear uncle.

So, I won't really be on tomorrow. I hope that's a legit enough reason for you all.

On Saturday, I'm heading off on Vacation to Disneyland for 5 days, so that means, nearly a week without internet. Oh, how will I survive? haha. 
I hope Maddy will keep you updated, and we *might* have a new writer before I leave on my venture to Anaheim, CA, but I want to make sure she is suitable for this blog, and that could take some time. Not too long hopefully.

So, that's pretty much my next week and a half. 
Oh! I'll have back-to-school shopping to do too(: 
So what are you guys up to? 
Are you as busy as I am?


  1. I am SO sorry to hear that! I hope everything works out for your family!
    Anyways, I'll do my best to keep this blog running. Enjoy your time in Disneyland :D

  2. Things went alright today(:

    Thank you so much(: I didn't want you to think I just ditched you and my blog, hahaa(:

  3. I also am very sad to hear that. :( I understand exactly what you are going through. My condolences to your family...