Saturday, November 27, 2010

Lipstick Mag Christmas Edition

So, today while I wasat Baylor University where my amazing school's team won again (We're going to Shreveport, Louisiana next week, which is kind of weird for Texas HS football...but yeah)
The point I'm getting to is that Lipstick Magazine came out with their Christmas Issue today:

In my honest opinion, I didn't find this issue as nice as the others. Don't get me wrong, it's a great issue, but there are just somethings that stick out that make drop down on my scale, besides the fact that I can't really relate to winter magazines well, due that I don't wear winter clothes :P
Ya'll have probably heard the controversy over the "copying" of ideas from last year's Different Magazine's Holiday edition. They both have the same covergirl (Bluegreen86) and they do similar poses/backgrounds. I see a lot of magazines copying bigger and better ones everyday. It's okay to get inspiration, but stealing a whole graphic is wrong. Creativity is the key, even if it's not the best. Effort is worth more than copying!
Another thing that bothered me was that some of the items they included in their articles are unrealistic for the average Stardoll user like me. First of all, who would spend $80 on a pair of studs?? Okay, I bought a $65 Betsey Johnson watch yesterday that's for Christmas, but still. It tells me the time!Earrings? There's no way my mom would buy those for me. I don't even think that brand exists around here to be honest. I just find that funny how they think we're going to spend that much money on something that small. It's like saying "Let's buy a $50 tongue stud or belly button ring".

But that's the Stardoll atmosphere for you, trying to mooch all your money :P

Besides those things, the magazine is great. I recommend that you take a read :)

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