Monday, October 18, 2010

$1 HOTBUY!!!

So.. the Hotbuys Top is now out....FOR $1!! I know this is if you want a cheap Hotbuy you better hurry to Starplaza before you miss this legit offer! :)

The bummer is that it's Superstar :P
The RL version is by D&G (Credit goes to Hotbuys Addicted)

What do you think? Pretty good deal I think! ;)


  1. I have news for ya. Underneath stardoll is a fake. Yes its a popular blog we all like to read, but did you ever notice how they got so big so fast? Well hundreds of their accounts are fake! They created these just so they could be biggest stardoll blog and beat Stardoll i my, stardoll insiders and stardolls most wanted. people should stop reading these fakers now!

    not fair to the blogs who work hard to have real followers!

  2. Anonymous Speaks the Truth! ;) FINALLY, someone who agrees with me. My blog is 2 years old and I've worked hard. It has 200 followers.
    They have like 5000 and it's been a year. It's bullshit.I refuse to read those big blogs or give them my follower name.

    xoxo. Annie