Wednesday, December 8, 2010

News, changes, and all.

Is it me or has Stardoll been REALLY boring lately? Well, I literally get on for 2 seconds, and BAM I'm off. So I don't post as much, but I still get on. Procrastinating doesn't do much good either :P
So, we had 2 outrageous Hotbuys released, which is ridiculous. These prices are part of the reason why I haven't gotten more Stardollars because I just don't think it's worth it anymore. The Hotbuys are nice, but still. :P

Next, the Voile Holiday Boutique returned, and the prices are higher than I remember from last year. The clothes are okay, but nothing I would buy. I'm honestly disappointed:

Next, the Christmas Calender has returned:
This is the 3rd year I've been on for this, and I am disappointed.
What happened to the good ol' days? ):

ALSO: There is another new store called Epiphany..which is a jewelry shop....

And last...the notifications changed for the....3rd time? Nothing amazing, just a little number and pink outline.

So, I guess that's all the important things I've seen :P 

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