Sunday, February 28, 2010

I've been so slack!

I havn't exactly posted on here.. Haha.
I've been way too busy, But ah well.
I jsut wanted to post my banner for the cloverawards ?
i might not need it but i was bored :P

Im doing one for ALL of the judges, Which there are only 3?
Anyways, im doing one - If you make me an admin, i'll put them up for you cam?
I have some plans ;)
And uh.. I can make small ones for the searchers :)
I'll make sure I leave some references for the searchers here if they read the blog :)
LOVE! Lozzy xx


  1. I'll try to request you again :]

    Avril14140 is also going to Judge.

  2. Great :) Do you want them all green like that, or different colours?

  3. The green is cool.

    If you want to make some for the searchers make them like Blue or Pink or something bright like that.