Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hotbuys, Deleted Clubs, Emails, Awards, and Comps.

Hey Lovlies. 
These last few weeks have been busy, and there has been a lot I have wanted to update you about. 

1) We will be having a comp soon. Avril will tell you more about that in her next post. 

2) New Hotbuy out. It's a VERY cute dress, and only $14. That's cheap for stardoll now days. 

3) If you want to tell us something, you know you have the chat box, and comments right?
Well now we have an email,
(I'll send the pass to the writers via dollmail.)

4) Animal-Lovers was deleted. Now the new one is owned by BamBam(numbers) 
But I don't go there. None of the old people are really there. 
Any advice on a new club to spend my stardoll time in when I have extra leisure time?

5) The Awards have been delayed until AFTER the Freakshow Awards
I don't really follow stardoll (or real life) award shows/blogs. But, I thought I would throw that out there for those who were wondering. 

That's all I can think of now, but you know as soon as this posts I will think of something else to add. 
Love you guys! 

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