Monday, April 18, 2011

...And this is what LE has come to?

I've been logging on periodically lately and taking quick browses over blogs/Stardoll and the worst thing that I have noticed was this:
The new LE collection:

I have seen some awful things on Stardoll lately- the overpriced crappy Hotbuys, the policy change, one crappy overpriced store after another. The list can go on forever. But when I saw this disaster- I had to post.

When LE first came out, we were all excited. After the seasons went on, the quality and looks of the items have just gotten worse and worse until you see the crap above that looks like Antidote-and I thought nothing was worse than Antidote. Stardoll clearly proved me wrong!  Stardoll is charging $100+ for this crap! Now, some of it is good, but majority of it makes me wanna scream.

I don't know why I still come on this site...

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  1. Hello Maddy :) Just stopping by the blog. I finally logged onto Stardoll, and thought I'd come back to the blog, see what became of it. I was surprised to see you still writing:D I love the layout and colors. You know I've always admired your writing skills. Anyways, I really love what you've done with the blog.
    Love, Cam