Saturday, March 12, 2011

Japan Earthquake

Yall have probably heard about the major earthquake that caused a power tsunami on Thursday night/early Friday morning. It has killed thousands of people, and has headed to Hawaii and the Pacific coast.

Japan is currently under a state of emergency. Japan runs on nuclear power, which means they use nuclear plants. Right now, 5 of those plants are shut down, but still building power. One of the plants has exploded this morning, which is not good at all. There are radiation leaks around all the plants. This means that 20 years of the people's lives have been cut short due to the radiation, which will affect future generations. If the all the plants explode, God who knows what's gonna happen.
The Pacific Islands, Hawaii, and California are under state of Emergency too. It's just going to get worse. I haven't heard anything bad about California I'm hoping everything's okay, as I know someone who lives there. I also have a cousin in Japan apparently, which I'm hoping him and his family is well.

Please keep all of these people in your prayers. They need all the help they can get. It's not their fault that mother nature likes to pull some nasty events.

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