Thursday, February 3, 2011

PIP Heart Shop

It's almost Valentine's Day again,so Stardoll has released the PIP themed store. The clothes are reasonably priced, which is good :D And of course, its PINK! :P

And I don't about yall, but this week has been kind of quiet [or the fact I haven't been to school for 3 days]
And today is the Chinese new year!
And in 3 days Super Bowl XXV is going down in Arlington,TX at Jerry's World [Cowboys Stadium]
Are you for the Packs or the Steelers? & Miles Austin is here in my town today! :DD [Yeah, I'm obsessed about football haha]

There's also a quiz about the Super Bowl where you can get a free football! [It's for US members only though, unless you use a manual proxy]

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