Saturday, April 17, 2010

Lozzy Left!

Lozzy left. 
She was a great writer while she was here.
But all good things come to an end eventually. 
She will be missed by all of us here. 
When I first read that post, it kind of shocked me, until I realized she hadn't posted in over a month. 
Frankly, I had never noticed before. 
That proves how observant I am. 

Anyways, I'll be looking for a new writer. 
I probably won't be able to find one for a while though. I remember how long it took to find Avril & Lozzy. 
Oh well. 
Contact me if interested. 


  1. Aw,

    Well,I should really post more!!

  2. Yeah!
    You can post about anything...I just need help!