Sunday, October 25, 2009

im backk[:

Wow. This board has been dead since MissSixty came out.
sorry about that guys.

So a lot has happened since then, in real life and on stardoll.
First of all, the most important issue: Stardoll Took away the $1 a day, making everyone furious, mostly non-ss.
Here are some views from Superstars and NonSuperstars:
LynnRock101 [nonss]- Its supid. now we gotta do the play and earn every day. Now if you wanna have fun on stardoll you gotta pay.

fobluvr [nonss]- I think it's unfair. Now everyday we have to play the games but if we didn't have many stardollars before we won't be able to get more to buy the more expessive items we want. I think it's just going to backfire on the stardoll staff since ppl won't be buying as much
Secondly, FashionClub is now Non-Private!
I think this will make the club more active, and we can meet new kinds of people.
[: thats great.

But, the freaks are coming in, and ripping our tight-knit family apart.
Last Night we had a few memorable freaks: dirtybomba, nonssandss. and TheThreeFc-ers.

dirtybomba- she was making dirty topics. no surprise there. but then she tried to appologize for it, and asked if she should delete her account. My respose: No Shit Sherlock. I wasn't paying close attention to the dirtybomba story, because at the same time TheThreeFC-ers was attacking fray.

TheThreeFC-ers- Scene_chick made this account for her and her friends. [from what I hear.]
anyways, there was a topic that said the account got hacked. Then the hacker [if there really was one] went on to make topics saying thefray101 was pregnated by her father/ex-boyfriend/raper.
Later on that night she went on to say that fray had sex with her last night, and other dirty things.
Such a charmer isn't she? *sarcasm*
She finally left for some unknown reason.

SSandnonSS- She came later that night, starting a controversy with the topic "NonSS are Stupid and Ugly." Long story short, she annoyed everyone in that topic. Then she continued to make topics like: I am Shakura! I am TheFray101, I am Maya! I am CuteGirlAbs!
That p!ssed everyone off. At that point I just logged off stardoll. It was 2Am.

-Camm ♥

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